April 05, 2011

Normalisation Committee in Indonesia - Nasib Persepakbolaan Indonesia

Kali ini Rizky membahas tentang persepakbolaan di Negeri kita tercinta yaitu Indonesia, sahabat masih ingat masalah kisruh PSSI, Rizky punya sedikit cuplikan berita yang Rikzy kutip dari FIFA.com, Isi beritanya yang Footnote atau Rizky Illhai ambil seperti berikut ini :

Following the latest events linked to the Football Association of Indonesia (PSSI), the FIFA Emergency Committee decided on 1 April 2011 that, in accordance with article 7 paragraph 2 of the FIFA Statutes, a Normalisation Committee will take over from the current PSSI executive committee.

The FIFA Emergency Committee estimated that the current PSSI leadership was not in control of football in Indonesia as proven by the failure to gain control of the run-away league (Liga Premiere, LPI) set up without the involvement of PSSI or by the fact it could not organise a congress whose sole goals were to adopt an electoral code and elect an electoral commission. The FIFA Emergency Committee came thus to the conclusion that the PSSI leadership had lost all credibility within Indonesia and was not in a position anymore to lead the process to solve the current crisis.

The mission of the Normalisation Committee is: to organise elections based on the FIFA electoral code and PSSI statutes before 21 May 2011; to bring the run-away league under PSSI control or have it stopped as soon as possible; to run the day-to-day activities of PSSI in a spirit of reconciliation for the good of the Indonesian football

The Normalisation Committee is composed by personalities of the Indonesian football who will not be able to run for any of the PSSI positions and would act as an electoral commission. It confirmed as well the non-eligibility to the Presidency of PSSI of the four candidates who were rejected by the PSSI appeal committee on 28 February 2011.

seperti itulah kabar yang rizky dapet.

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